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10 Signs Your Dog Has Cancer

Bleeding discharge

Discharge or Bleeding

If your dog has abnormal discharge or unexplained bleeding, this could be a sign of cancer. Discharge with excrement, from the mouth or from the nose or sores need to be addressed. If they are vomiting frequently, this could also be an indicator they have cancer.

Our furry friends give us so much love and affection and we need to pay attention to them as well. They can’t verbally communicate so we have to be tuned into their behavior. If you are out of town make sure you have someone you trust watch your dog and leave your vet’s info for them. You should also always leave information for the closest 24 hour animal hospital for them and know where it is for yourself. As with our own health, it’s better to act preventively than reactively so try to give your dog healthy food choices and regular exercise and as always constant love and training. Taking your dog for an annual check-up just isn’t enough when it comes to preventing cancer. In a year’s time, their cancer could spread and it might be too late.