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10 Small But Loyal Dog Breeds


If you have a small apartment or want a small companion dog that will stick with you and love to interact with you, then you will be interested to learn some of the most loyal small dog breeds. These dogs are going to be friendly and like to do things with you. While they may not be the most ideal guard dogs, at least they will alert you if a stranger enters your house. There are many benefits to small dogs which usually includes less hair, less drool, less need for exercise, and lower food costs.


This breed which hails from Germany has a funny shaped body. They have a very long mid section which has earned them the name wiener dogs or hot dog dogs. They are extremely loyal and love physical affection. They have long feet which were originally used for digging to catch rodents. They need training to be sure they don’t become aggressive and they are known to be fearless and very strong despite their size. Since they were a working breed, they have a lot of energy and will follow you around the house and entertain you. This breed should not be left alone as they get bored and can be destructive.