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11 Cutest Small Dogs

Brussels Griffon

Small dogs are just delightful. Cute, precious, and sweet right? Don’t let their size fool you. These so-called toy breeds are just like any other dog. That means they are just as likely to misbehave and bark as their bigger breed brethren do. Now their tiny size may mean you have to be careful where you step, but make no mistake. They all have personalities that are larger than life and can easily fill up a room with love. Here are 11 of the most popular small dog breeds.

11. Brussels Griffon

This little pup is charming, but naughty would also be a very accurate description. He is related to Pugs, English Toy Spaniels, and Terriers. While indoors he loves to be playful and when he’s outside he loves to go on a walk. You can choose a rough-coated or smooth, either way he will need to be groomed at least twice a week. At only 8 to 12 pounds he is easy to tote around.