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11 Dog Breeds That Bite the Most


Every dog has the potential to become a biter–habitual or aggressive biting is a result of environment and training. Although, some dogs are more likely to become biters than others if not treated or trained properly. It would be easy to say that Pit Bulls are dangerous because they are powerful and are responsible for the most dog bite related fatalities, but this is not the case and is far from fact.

When choosing a breed, be sure to do your research and know which dogs are easier to train than others and which breeds are more likely to retaliate under discipline or perceived abuse.


They may not look like much, but Chihuahuas pack a fierce bite when they become frightened. They have sharp, little teeth that can tear through skin. Although, it is often warned that Chihuahuas are chronically nasty dogs, but what most people don’t realize is that Chihuahuas are fiercely loyal animals that react however their owner reacts. If they have an owner that strikes first and questions second, they will likely do the same. Be sure to teach your Chihuahua proper manners to ensure that they don’t become a biter.