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11 Most Popular Presidential Dogs

airedale terrier puppy

It’s all about the First Fidos! Owning a dog is something that is as American as eating apple pie, and the pet-keeping habits of our American Presidents are direct indications of that. Not only were our forefathers like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington dog owners, they also were breeders. Through the years many Presidents have owned a variety of animals from goats, donkeys, roosters, cows, horses, and even an alligator – yes I said an alligator. Briefly John Quincy Adams had one that lived in the bathroom of the East Rooms. Not every President has kept a pet, but the majority have had a canine in the White House. From Lyndon B. Johnson’s beloved beagles to George H. W. Bush’s beloved Millie a Springer Spaniel, here is a look at the 11 Most Popular Presidential Dogs.

11. Airdale Terrier aptly named Laddie Boy – owned by President Warrant G. Harding

Laddie Boy gave President Harding the recognition of being the first White House dog to hit celebrity status. This famed pooch received regular press in newspapers across the country. Now, the fact that Laddie Boy attended cabinet meetings regularly in a chair that was custom made and held “faux” conferences for the press probably had a lot to do with it. No one probably remembers him much today, however this loveable canine outlived Harding by six years. After Harding died in 1923 while still serving in office, a statue in a life-sized version of Laddie Boy was erected.