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11 Shocking Facts About Dogs


Dogs are a popular pet all around the world. People treat them as regular members of their family. If you are a dog lover, then I am sure you have spent many hours learning all you can about your beloved pet and then some. Everyone is aware that the largest dogs are Irish Wolfhounds and the brain of a dog specializes in scent. There are a few quirky things that you may or may not know that could easily blow your mind when it comes to dogs. Here are the top 11 facts that you will find shocking when it comes to dogs:

11. Dogs are Math Geniuses

Dogs have the capability to understand at least 250 gestures and words, counting up to five, and the performance of simple calculations of math. Most dogs on average have the intelligence equal to a two-year old child. When you work with your dog and help them expand their intelligence and help them to be excellent companions.