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11 Shocking Facts About Dogs


1. Do You Smell Corn Chips?

Have you ever heard of “Frito Feet”? This is a phenomenon where the bacteria that grows on the paws of a dog will cause a smell to be emitted that is akin to the scent of corn chips. Since a dogs feet is constantly against the cold, hard ground, they can pick up quite a bit of microorganisms within their paws. As their feet begin to cool and sweat comes through the pads of their feet, the combination of bacteria mixed with moisture will release a popcorn-esque, nutty type of aroma. In gentler words, it’s doggy body odor!

Despite how we treat them and the way they treat us, a dog is not a human. In fact, viewing these animals as people has cause many misunderstandings of their actions. Because we can’t understand them all the time, they will act out. That is why it is so important to take the time to understand the breed of dog that you own. There are many online resources available to help you fill in the gaps and to find out information like this and so much more. Dogs are amazing creatures and many of their mysteries have yet to be fully unraveled.