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11 Things That Will Make Your Dog Attack You

Inadequate Healthcare

Most dogs are quite friendly and loving, but in some instances, a dog can turn and attack and it’s usually due to certain ways it has been treated and raised. You’ve probably heard alarming stories of dogs attacking children or adults, but usually they are either being provoked, have been abused, or perhaps they are scared or sick. As a pet owner or if you happen to be around pets, it’s important to know certain things that may set a dog on edge and perhaps attack you. Here are 11 things that could make your dog become aggressive:

1. Inadequate health care for the dog.

Withholding health care for the dog may be a basis on which dogs can surprisingly be aggressive to their owners. In cases where a dog is suffering from a serious disease like rabies without the owner’s knowledge, it may be possible for the dog to attack. In addition, there are other conditions like tumors that interfere with the functioning of the dog’s nervous system. Such conditions alter the dog’s normal health status as well as behavioral patterns. Hence, leading to abnormal traits like recurrent growls, lunges, barking, snarls and even biting. A tooth ache can also cause a dog to become snappy.