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6 Odd Dog Behaviors Explained

constantly barking

3. Constant Barking in Your Absence

If you’ve got a dog that acts up the minute you leave the house or room, your dog may have separation anxiety. At first, you may think it’s really cute that your dog misses you, but that isn’t the case at all. Separation anxiety is plainly put anxiety that has been brought about by being left by someone the dog is overtly attached to. When the dog tears apart your house while your gone or continues barking until you come back, it’s merely there nervous reaction to perceived abandonment and stress. There are things that can be done to quell this behavior though. Practice telling your dog to sit and giving him praise. Leave the room, but tell your dog to stay before you do so. If the dog stays, give him a treat or a favorite toy with lots of additional praise. If you can get your dog to sit and stay without a problem. Try doing the same and moving to the front door. Patiently work the dog up to a point where you can go outside the door and they remain in the same spot without making a sound. This could take a few weeks, but it will make them understand that keeping it together when you leave is good and gets reward.