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6 Odd Dog Behaviors Explained

flank sucking

4. Flank Sucking

Often seen in puppies and Dobermans, flank sucking is much like a child sucking on their thumb. Becker Animal Hospital states that “a hereditary component is likely.”, which could be the case since it is seen in certain breeds of dog more than others. They also cite this strange habit as a stim or tool to cope with separation anxiety or self-comforting behavior. If the issue is separation anxiety, try to get the dog used to sleeping in the same room as who they are attached to, and leave a stuffie in your dog’s bed to help comfort them when you’re asleep at night. If your dog is causing damage to their skin, losing hair at the site, or it interferes with its normal functioning, you should get a vet to run some tests and make sure it’s nothing serious.