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7 Tips for Exercising With Your Dog

Research Your Dogs Breed

Research your dog’s breed

Just like each person’s ability level is different, each dog breed’s ability level is different. This doesn’t only mean the difference between a large and small dog, though. All breeds are different from greyhounds to pit bulls and rottweilers to dachshunds. For example, an Australian shepherd has an incredible level of stamina which means they are better for intense running in short spurts whereas a rottweiler is known for endurance meaning that they are better for long distance running. Its advisable that an Australian shepherd is run for five minutes at a time and while they’re taking a rest you can do another workout, like sit-ups or push-ups; for a rottweiler, a simple half hour or hour jog at a consistent pace is advisable. Gradually strengthen their abilities and build them up so that you will strengthen your abilities as well and grow together.