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8 Dogs With the Shortest Lifespan

Berner Sennenhund

Here are some dog breeds that have the shortest life span and are, without a doubt, the largest breeds. What is puzzling is that larger mammals in the wild usually live longer than smaller mammals with the exception of dogs. The larger breeds age faster than the smaller breeds which is something to keep in mind when choosing your dog. You may become attached to a dog that lives a shorter life or a longer life so there will be some heartbreak either way. It’s best to think about how much time you will have to give your dog for training and exercise, if you can afford to feed a large dog, and if you have the space for a large dog.

1. Berner Sennenhund

Also known as the Bumese Mountain Dog, this bread has one of the shortest life spans, usually between 6 and 8 years. They are extremely friendly and shed a lot. This dog was bred to work and can be trained with positive reinforcement. They will have their puppy mentality longer than other breeds and actually have sensitive feelings. They usually weigh about 100 pounds and the breed is having trouble surviving due to inbreeding so be careful when choosing a breeder if you want to get one.