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8 Signs That Your Dog Might Be Ill


If you suspect that your dog is ill you should call and make an appointment with your vet as soon as you notice the issue. Dogs don’t have the ability to tell us when there’s something wrong so they may have had this problem for a while before you finally noticed it. Look out for these 8 tell-tale signs of a problem and then consult your veterinarian on how to proceed.

Unusual Behavior

The first sign that a pet owner will, usually, see is when their pet starts to act differently. If you normally have a hyperactive pet but now they’re suddenly uninterested in playing ball or doesn’t want to go for that ritualistic morning run with you, there may be something wrong. Other behavior changes may include sudden anger and aggression in an otherwise kind-hearted dog, or they may start to hide in strange places around the house. When a dog believes it’s nearing the end of their life they will hide from you so they can be alone, in peace, and not be seen.