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8 Sleepiest Dog Breeds

Glen of imaal terrier

8.Glen of Imaal Terriers

Another unusual classification to be found on the sleepy dog list is a terrier. The Glen of Imaal is a mix of several breeds previously mentioned on this list. As a working dog, it requires tasks like the Bernese Mountain Dog but as a smaller terrier, it is more prone to shorter, more efficient sleeping like the chihuahua. On the lower end of the sleeping scale, it typically gets around 10-12 hours of sleep per day.

While you may feel that your dog sleeps plenty or does nothing but nap all day, most dogs naturally fall into a pattern that works for their temperament and duties. Whether they patrol the mountains or spend their days warming up your lap, a healthy dog is a dog that rests. For these 8 dogs, a good night’s rest just may stretch well into the day.