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14 Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

Australian Cattle Dog

When one is looking to bring home a dog, one of the things that factors into the decision is their intelligence. Finding out the intelligence level of specific dog breeds is important in terms of how easily a dog can be trained and how obedient and responsive they will be based on their ability to understand commands. This will give one the best chance of having a happy life with their new pet as opposed to having it be a stressful experience. Dogs with the highest levels of intelligence are very well-suited for work as service dogs especially for those with visual impairments. The fourteen breeds of dog below are the breeds with the highest levels of intelligence.

14. Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian cattle dog is quite intelligent and known to be happiest while herding. This breed is a courageous and tireless worker apart from being obedient, intelligent, energetic and agile. Australian cattle dogs require regular exercise both mentally and physically. Unlike other breeds they are very protective of their property and that of their masters. These intelligent dogs are easy to train, groom, and maintain. All you need to do is provide them nutritious meals such as Bil-jac and Merrick dog food. Other dog food can be used, but be sure it has high nutritional value.