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9 “People” Foods That Your Dog Loves

Peanut Butter

If you’re feeling guilty when your adorable pup is giving you those sad eyes at the dinner table, here are some safe human foods you can give them. Of course there are many human foods that are not safe for dogs but safe for humans, so make sure you know which foods are poisonous to dogs before you begin sharing your food with them. Giving your dog some of your food can help supplement their nutritional needs and help them get the fiber they need to digest properly.

It’s easy to just grab a bag of treats for dogs off the shelf, but it may not be what your dog really needs. Just like humans, dog needs to be fed consciously. Dogs have sensitivities to foods and chemicals just like we do and pet owners should learn how to make healthy choices for their pets. Just as you wouldn’t encourage your child to eat too many sweets, you don’t want to create that habit for your family pet.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is something that dogs love but watch how much you give them because it’s very high in calories. If your dog already has a weight problem, look at some of the lower calorie options listed below. This is an excellent source of protein for your pup as well.