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9 “People” Foods That Your Dog Loves

Sweet Potatoes

Boiled or Dehydrated Sweet Potatoes

This is an inexpensive and healthy treat for your furry friend that can help with training because if you dehydrate slices of sweet potatoes they can be used as treats. Boiled sweet potatoes are also an excellent source of B6, manganese, and beta carotene. Remember that potatoes hold heat for a long time so make sure they have cooled down before you give them to your dog so you don’t burn their mouth.

The next time you browse through the dog treat isle, look at the ingredients to see if there are chemicals and fillers. It makes sense to use these healthy and cheap options for your pets because they are just as nature made them. Using these natural foods can help reduce the amount of preservatives and toxic chemicals you give your dog and it can save you a good amount of money. Often giving your dog packaged treats is the same as giving them candy, it adds no nutritional value to their diet and leaves them craving more. You can also chop up these foods and include them into their regular puppy chow for an added nutrient boost.