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9 Secret Ways to Make Your Dog Happy

Dog grooming

Reading a dog’s body language can be challenging. It is often even harder to decipher if dogs are truly happy in their homes. Learning how to bring joy to pets can be simple with just a few changes to how the dog is treated, trained, and pampered. Here are just a few of the simple strategies that have been proven to make a dog feel more secure, relaxed, and satisfied:

1. Plan a Spa Day

Dog owners sometimes forget that their dogs have basic grooming needs just as humans do. That’s why some basic pampering, like regular brushing of their coats and cleaning of their ears and paws, is essential. A dog’s beauty treatment doesn’t have to cost a fortune or require much work. Set a routine that includes brushing (even for dogs with short coats), teeth cleaning, bath times, and nail trimming—all of which take just a few minutes. Your dog may even grow fond of these kind, loving moments.