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9 Things That Dogs Teach Us About Happiness

don't take things personally

Dogs have been used in therapy because they are extremely positive and loving creatures. They affect our mood and help us remember to be affectionate. Here some of the things that dogs teach us about happiness that we often miss without their excited and kind reminders.

1. Don’t Take Things Personal

Dogs don’t hold grudges very often. They are always so happy to see you, even if you forgot to feed them, haven’t walked them in days, or have been ignoring them. Dogs don’t even need to you show them love back, they are just going to throw love to everyone no matter how crabby those people may be. Now that is pretty commendable and can certainly be challenging. But if someone is having a rough day and you stay positive, it often can bring them out of their funk and they may thank you for brightening their day. When we help others feel happy, it’s definitely rewarding.