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9 Things You Should Never Feed Your Dog


As pet owners, we always want to do right by our dogs by providing them with nutritious and healthy foods. However, we may also be tempted to give them a snack or treat that can do more harm than good. Unfortunately, while accidents happen, many instances of poisoning or digestive issues results in dog owners being unaware of the dangers that lurk in food. The following are 9 things you should never feed your dog.

1. Alcohol

Having your dog attend a party is always a treat for devoted owners. However, just a couple of sips of liquor given to him by his uneducated owner or a party guest could be fatal depending on the dog’s size and tolerance.

Dogs simply cannot handle ethanol as well as humans. Symptoms of alcohol consumption include inability to walk straight, confusion, tiredness, vomiting, and, in serious cases, lowering of the heart rate and body temperature.

For those who brew beer, keeping a hungry dog away from hops (whether fresh or cooked) is particularly important. Hops contains chemicals that break down the body’s inability to control their body temperature. An elevated body temperature can erode the organs and eventually lead to organ failure if not treated immediately.