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9 Things You Should Never Feed Your Dog


3. Grapes and Raisins

Like many fruits, grapes and raisins can be very appealing to a dog. They might even seem like a healthy treat to give. However, hidden inside one tiny grape or raisin is the cause of an unknown, life-threatening chemical reaction.

Researchers have yet to determine exactly what in grapes and raisins cause issues in pets. However, there is a clear pattern that grapes and raisins can cause a form of toxicosis. The most significant result of toxicosis is kidney failure or issues in kidney development in puppies. Within 12 hours, a dog may have a change in urine patterns (urinating too much or too little), refusal to eat, and vomiting. While toxicosis and kidney damage can be caught and treated, it can affect long-term health in otherwise healthy and young dogs.