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9 Things You Should Never Feed Your Dog


5. Raw meat and eggs

The raw meat diet for pets is alls the rage these days for well-meaning pet owners who want to feed their pets the most natural diet available to them. However, supermarket raw meat can be as dangerous to dogs as to humans. Just like humans, dogs that consume raw food are at risk for salmonella and listeria poisoning. In a three-year FDA study of 196 samples of raw pet food, 15 tested positive for salmonella and 32 tested positive for listeria.

Salmonella and listeria poisoning present in such ways as fever, skin disease, change to stool, and vomiting. These can all be life-threatening. However, that’s not to say raw meat is always bad for dogs. Owners who wish to feed their pets raw meat should be sure to handle the food carefully, freeze until ready to be used, and to check temperatures if cooking or boiling before feeding to the dog.