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9 Tips for Training Your Dog

woman walking dog

Training a new pet can be an extremely arduous process. They certainly have the ability to understand commands, but without the correct leadership commands are useless. People make a ton of mistakes too, which they’re completely unaware of. Sending mixed messages to a dog can be very confusing for them and can make the training process even harder, so ensuring that a dog is trained correctly should be researched and applied with an unwavering hand. Here are nine extremely useful tips for training your dog and having it stick.

1. Be a Leader

Dogs are not natural leaders. Your pet should never rule the house or its occupants. Coincidentally, the most important part of owning a dog and training it is practicing leadership. Cesar Milan, one of the most revered experts on dogs in North America, notes this theory in an article where he helped Jada Pinkett Smith with training her pets. “It was really all about teaching her how to feel confident as the leader of her dogs.”. Dogs are naturally inclined to be a part of a pack, and they have an innate need to be led by someone that exudes authority and has a calm and confident aura. Otherwise, a dog will be confused, unruly, and disobedient. Use a firm voice when giving your dog a command, and approach each interaction with an air of being in complete control. A leader never loses their cool either, so be sure to stay calm.