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Jessica Cianciotti is a young writer and copy editor with experience working in and with a variety of firms and websites. Her articles and blog posts pertain to lifestyle, health, relationships, and more.

16 Happiest Small Dog Breeds

Most people see small dogs as one of two things, either they really happy and cute, or tiny with a Napoleon complex. Listed below are fifteen of the happiest, little dogs you can find. If you’re looking for a life-long companion that lives to see you smile, give on of these breeds a try. American Cocker Spaniel This breed is ...

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8 Best Lap Dogs

Yorkshire Terrier Nicknamed the Yorkie, this dog is happy and energetic and incredibly lovable. They are very confident in their appearance and devoted to their owners. Although they are considered a lap dog, they will only sit still for so long. Especially as puppies, they love to run and play and are very curious. This breed loves people and craves ...

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8 Worst Dog Breeds For Seniors

Getting a dog as a senior can be a bit tricky. You’re getting older so you can’t handle a high-energy breed but you can also benefit greatly from a very calm companion. Many seniors get dogs for therapeutic purposes if they’ve lost their spouse or a close loved one but you need to consider their ability levels before selecting a ...

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9 Games to Play With Your Dog

Playing games with your dog is a great way to give them exercise but it’s also a great way to train them. These games are not only fun but they will keep your dog on their toes and keep them entertained with reward based training. Obstacle Course This one can be a bit time consuming because it requires you to ...

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8 Signs That Your Dog Might Be Ill

If you suspect that your dog is ill you should call and make an appointment with your vet as soon as you notice the issue. Dogs don’t have the ability to tell us when there’s something wrong so they may have had this problem for a while before you finally noticed it. Look out for these 8 tell-tale signs of ...

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