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Lucey Knight is a Texas native with a charming wit and shining personality. Writing is truly her passion. She loves to write poetry, short stories, articles and she is currently working on her second book. When asked how she got her start in writing, Lucey had this to say: “As a young child I was very imaginative and quite a talker. Around age 8, I was given the nickname of "Lucey" by my Grandfather. He always said I reminded him of the Peanuts character, Lucy who gave advice. Throughout my early years in school I took creative writing classes and submitted my work to contests. Over the years as an adult, I became a mother of four and had little time available for my writing. Today, at 45 my children are grown and I now work for a company that affords me the time to follow my true passion. And now continues a journey I started long ago in an attempt to sharpen my skills and expand my creativity and hopefully will lead to much success.”

11 Most Popular Presidential Dogs

It’s all about the First Fidos! Owning a dog is something that is as American as eating apple pie, and the pet-keeping habits of our American Presidents are direct indications of that. Not only were our forefathers like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington dog owners, they also were breeders. Through the years many Presidents have owned a variety of animals ...

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11 Cutest Small Dogs

Small dogs are just delightful. Cute, precious, and sweet right? Don’t let their size fool you. These so-called toy breeds are just like any other dog. That means they are just as likely to misbehave and bark as their bigger breed brethren do. Now their tiny size may mean you have to be careful where you step, but make no ...

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11 Shocking Facts About Dogs

Dogs are a popular pet all around the world. People treat them as regular members of their family. If you are a dog lover, then I am sure you have spent many hours learning all you can about your beloved pet and then some. Everyone is aware that the largest dogs are Irish Wolfhounds and the brain of a dog ...

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