9 Life Lessons Learned From Dogs

While we spend our time teaching our dogs new tricks, we often forget how much our dog is actually teaching us. Whether they are showing us new ways to enjoy the small things in life or building up our confidence as owners, our dogs are some of the best teachers out there. This is especially … Read more

8 Sleepiest Dog Breeds

Cat naps are not just for felines. Even the most energetic of dogs needs and deserves a couple of naps and a long, rejuvenating sleep each and every day. Some breeds may follow their humans’ leads by only requiring a standard seven to eight hours. However, for others, no day is complete without a ten … Read more

8 Fun Ways to Dress Up Your Dog

Models are not the only ones walking down the runway. While dogs and fashion typically do not go hand-in-hand, the emerging popularity of clothing made just for dogs has given every pooch a chance to strut their stuff. From funky hats to sparkling evening wear, today, dogs can put their best paw forward when it … Read more

Top 8 “No’s” for New Puppy Owners

If you have recently decided to add a new furry friend to your family, you must know that taking care of a new puppy is not an easy endeavor. Puppies oftentimes have a mind of their own and do not yet know right from wrong. They must be treated as a baby and you, as … Read more

Choosing the Right Dog from the Latest 9 AKC Dog Breeds

Every year the American Kennel Club (AKC) monitors and maintains standards for purebred dogs. While they do not promote specific clubs or breeders, they categorize breeds in various categories and verify physical and behavioral parameters. They keep these standards, such as size and response to children and other dogs, so buyers possess important information when … Read more

6 Odd Dog Behaviors Explained

Dogs are a lot like us in a number of ways, but they have very different urges, limited understanding, and tons of odd behavior that seems very foreign and at times disgusting. While you cannot completely resolve all of their odd behaviors, it would at least be nice to know the motives behind them. Here’s … Read more

8 Famous War Dogs

This post was written by Ashleigh-Dawn Watson Although it seems impossible to imagine, there have been a great deal of dogs who’ve been a part of war. Some of these dogs weren’t trained for military service at all but still exhibited strengths like courage, loyalty, and keen hearing and scent. The eight famous war dogs … Read more

9 Oldest Dog Breeds

Did you know that dogs have been domesticated since 16,000 years ago? Not as we would typically believe, but they were trainable and did work for their masters much like an ox or horse might. According to Express.co.uk’s research, “Chinese Emperor Ling Ti falls so in love with his dogs that he gives them the … Read more

The 9 Dogs Women Love Most

Women are suckers for fuzzy animals, and although some women prefer cats, there are for more women interested in dogs. This can be due to their companionship, protective nature, sweet personalities, or their cuteness factor, but its true all the same. A woman will always be enthusiastic over a dog that is safe for their … Read more