10 Most Popular Hypoallergenic Dogs

There are so many dog lovers out there, but some dog lovers happen to be allergic to them. Due to this reason, some people have developed hypoallergenic dog breeds so that allergic pet owners can have an animal without an allergic reaction. However, no dog can be totally hypoallergenic since they shed some kind of … Read more

9 Rarest Dog Breeds

Dogs are certainly some of the most loyal companions and millions of pet owners across the world are enjoying the fellowship of their lovable dogs each day. Owning a dog can be a very interesting adventures, as they can be full of surprises. They say that dogs really are our best friends and in many … Read more

8 Dogs With the Most Energy

Anyone familiar with dogs will know that there are some dogs you can barely move off the couch, some who are happy with a daily walk, and others who seem to have boundless energy and want to go, go, go. Partnering with one of these energetic breeds will almost guarantee that your life will become … Read more

9 Most Popular Breeds That Don’t Shed

There are basically two reasons why people want dogs that do not shed: allergies and housekeeping. Although the allergies that some will suffer around dogs are not actually only from the dog’s hair, but also from the dander, the hair is the more visible and gets the entire blame. Many dog owners really don’t care … Read more

8 Best Dogs to Protect Your Home from Intruders

Some dog breeds are definitely more cut out to be guard dogs just as some breeds wouldn’t survive as outside dogs. When looking for a guard dog you must keep in mind that the only way they will be an effective guard is with proper training. Most of these breeds were hunters and herders and … Read more

8 Sleepiest Dog Breeds

Cat naps are not just for felines. Even the most energetic of dogs needs and deserves a couple of naps and a long, rejuvenating sleep each and every day. Some breeds may follow their humans’ leads by only requiring a standard seven to eight hours. However, for others, no day is complete without a ten … Read more

Choosing the Right Dog from the Latest 9 AKC Dog Breeds

Every year the American Kennel Club (AKC) monitors and maintains standards for purebred dogs. While they do not promote specific clubs or breeders, they categorize breeds in various categories and verify physical and behavioral parameters. They keep these standards, such as size and response to children and other dogs, so buyers possess important information when … Read more

9 Oldest Dog Breeds

Did you know that dogs have been domesticated since 16,000 years ago? Not as we would typically believe, but they were trainable and did work for their masters much like an ox or horse might. According to Express.co.uk’s research, “Chinese Emperor Ling Ti falls so in love with his dogs that he gives them the … Read more

The 9 Dogs Women Love Most

Women are suckers for fuzzy animals, and although some women prefer cats, there are for more women interested in dogs. This can be due to their companionship, protective nature, sweet personalities, or their cuteness factor, but its true all the same. A woman will always be enthusiastic over a dog that is safe for their … Read more

11 Most Friendly Dogs for Children

Families loves to get pets for children while they are small. They offer companionship as well as a learning tool to teach kids responsibility at a young age. It is a great idea with the added benefit of socializing the dog and exposing a child to more love and compassion for animals. Whether you choose … Read more