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Puppy Facts

8 Famous War Dogs

Although it seems impossible to imagine, there have been a great deal of dogs who’ve been a part of war. Some of these dogs weren’t trained for military service at all but still exhibited strengths like courage, loyalty, and keen hearing and scent. The eight famous war dogs below mostly fell into their positions as part of military action, so ...

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9 Dogs Owned By World Leaders Throughout History

World leaders throughout history have always kept pets, but dogs have always held a very special place in their hearts. Whether these leaders belonged to the monarchy, a world-changing political movement, or even an evil regime, their dogs were beloved members of their families who were well-cared for in life, and for the most part, venerated in death. Below are ...

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11 Most Popular Presidential Dogs

It’s all about the First Fidos! Owning a dog is something that is as American as eating apple pie, and the pet-keeping habits of our American Presidents are direct indications of that. Not only were our forefathers like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington dog owners, they also were breeders. Through the years many Presidents have owned a variety of animals ...

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11 Facts About Dogs You Won’t Believe

Dogs are the best; you will find many people who would prefer the company of a dog over human interaction any day. There isn’t anything wrong with that, either. For the purposes of this article, dogs, or any animal one has love for, is often the brightest spot in a person’s life. For children, taking care of a dog can ...

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11 Reasons Why a Dog is Your Best Friend

Have you ever wondered why dogs are considered man’s best friend? Dogs have been trained as house pets for thousands of years. In fact, the first use of a dog as a house pet dates back 11 thousand years ago in Western Europe. Over 56 million households include a pet dog as of 2012. Many people do not realize the ...

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11 Shocking Facts About Dogs

Dogs are a popular pet all around the world. People treat them as regular members of their family. If you are a dog lover, then I am sure you have spent many hours learning all you can about your beloved pet and then some. Everyone is aware that the largest dogs are Irish Wolfhounds and the brain of a dog ...

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