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The 9 Most Popular Dogs on Instagram


9. Boss

This lovely canine has got some adorable pictures on Instagram. This 3-year-old hails from Sweden together with his master, Olaf Nilsson, and presently has approximately 185,000 followers on the image sharing application. His Instagram profile, Bossthefrenchbulldog, came into being right after Nilsson obtained a compliment for publishing some photographs of the doggie on Facebook and understood he would most likely flourish on Instagram also. Ever since then, the entertaining photographs of the doggie performing all types of things have become viral.

With social media sites like Instagram, many dogs are becoming well-known all over the world. It really is a wonderful thing, as it gives owners a sense of purpose and helps them to have some fun in their spare time. As you know, most dog owners think of their dogs like children, so to be able to share their love with Instagram followers makes them feel pretty good. It seems as if the dogs don’t mind a bit; in fact, many dogs really like being in front of a camera, as many dogs simply want attention lavished on them.

Have you put your dog on Instagram yet? If not, perhaps it’s time to create a profile for your lovable pet.