10 Loving Dog Breeds


Are you looking for a friendly creature that will snuggle up with you and follow you around? Well here are ten dog breeds that are known to be loving and will dote on your like you’re the king (or queen) of your home. It’s no wonder that many of these same dogs are used as therapy or wellness dogs because their affection just makes you feel better. They will shower you with kisses and their playful natures can’t help but put a smile on your face. It’s cool that we know the general temperaments of dogs so if we want a guard dog, we can choose the correct breed and if we want a love bug, well we think you get the idea.

1.Golden Retriever

This is by far one of the happiest breeds and that’s why it’s known to be such a perfect family dog. They are docile and love to take part in family trips. They just want to be right where everyone is. They are good with children and a generally healthy breed. They are a medium to large size dog with long hair. This breed can adapt to many climates and they require some daily exercise. They are great for agility and obedience competitions and have even been used to sniff out drugs. They are known to be friendly to strangers and to other dogs and pets.

2.Labrador Retriever

This adorable breed thinks it’s a lap dog but they don’t realize how big they are. They would love nothing more than to be nose to nose with you and cuddle up with you all day. They are another breed that is easy to train although their puppy phase is longer than some breeds. They have a lot of energy so they will need a lot of exercise or they tend to chew on everything in sight. This breed loves to please it’s owner as it was originally a hunting dog which helped retrieve game. They have short hair and require minimal grooming. They should be trained from a young age so they don’t pull when they are on a leash and so they don’t bark at everything in site.


3. English Bulldog

This adorable breed is way more interested in humans than in other dogs. They need a brief amount of daily exercise or they will won’t be able to calm down. They tire out more quickly than other breeds. They like to nap a lot and love to sleep in the bed with their owners but beware that they snore louder than most humans because of their squished noses. They are strong and usually not good swimmers. They are loving and can be somewhat skittish and stubborn but you can train them without much effort. This is a good breed for first time dog owners and they do need to be trained from an early age so they don’t get protective over their food, treats and toys. This is a shorthair breed which does not need a lot of grooming. They cannot have rawhide though because they will choke on it!


4. Maltese

This is a little dog with long hair that makes a great companion. This is generally a good breed for elderly people because small dogs can be injured by children if they aren’t carefully watched. This breed shouldn’t be left alone outside as they are a target for birds of prey, coyotes and foxes. This dog requires a bit more grooming but you’ll save money on food because of their small size. Smaller dogs tend to live longer than large dogs and they are well suited for apartment living. This breed is said to have originated in the central Mediterranean area and they are a part of the toy dog breed category.


5. Bijon Frise

This small white fluff ball of a dog is loving to everyone. They get along well with children and they do need to be socialized with other dogs on a pack walk so they don’t get small dog syndrome. They are easy to train but somewhat difficult to housebreak. They are great in obedience competitions and love to join the family in everything. They will want to join the family on outings and sit on your lap on the couch. They are not known to be a yappy dog as they are independent. This dog requires some grooming because their long hair can cover their eyes and get matted if not combed. They are perky and entertaining and have a nice long lifespan.


6. Yorkshire Terrier

This is another breed from the toy category. They get their name because they they are from Yorkshire England and they only grow to be about seven pounds. They are a great dog for apartments as they can get most of the exercise they need from playing. They will need some type of exercise everyday thought. They live a nice long life of twelve to fifteen years and require regular grooming. They need regular grooming for their long coat but the cool thing is they are hypoallergenic and have hair instead of fur so they don’t shed and are great for people with allergies!


7. French Bulldog

This snorting stocky bundle of joy isn’t intimidating in the least. They are energetic and love to snuggle up as close to humans as possible. They are friendly with strangers and children. They are a cross breed developed in the 1800’s from the English bulldog and ratters in France. They are known as ‘Frenchies’ and are positively charming with their ears that stick straight up. They grow to be about 12 inches tall and are not suited well for extreme climates. They are prone to health problems unfortunately so that’s something to keep in mind. This can be an apartment dog but they do need a daily walk. They come in a variety of colors including brindle.


8. Bernese Mountain Dog

This long haired breed from Germany is a loving companion that is easy to train. They have the shortest lifespan of all breeds but they will love you till the day they die which is usually after 6 to 8 years. Their beautiful tri-colored markings are hard to forget but their demeanor makes an even stronger impression. This breed is great with children and are not recommended for apartment living. They need room to roam and lots of exercise as they are a large breed that can weight 80-110 pounds when full grown. They originate from the Swiss Alps so they have a thick long coat that needs regular brushing. Because their coat is so thick, they are better in cold climates.


9. Collie

This loving breed is highly intelligent as a herding dog. They are loyal and soft with a long coat. They usually grow to be fifty to seventy pounds. They need a moderate amount of exercise and weekly brushing. They live to be 14 to 16 years old and because of their long fur, they are not recommended for people who are allergic to dogs. This breed is native to Scotland and they are will bark if they are bored or untrained. This breed is the famous ‘Lassie’ dog breed made famous from the television show from the 1950’s.


10. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This loving breed has a reputation for being friendly and entertaining. They are good apartment dogs if given daily walks. They are docile and their sweet face is truly irresistible. They live to be 9-14 years and only 13-18 pounds. They are known to be fearless, patient and affectionate and we have to say that their extremely soft coat makes them an excellent cuddle buddy. They need regular brushing to keep their silky coat nice and another cool fact is that they are a quiet breed.

Hopefully you will find a breed you fall in love with and don’t think that this is by any means the only breeds that are loving. These breeds are just some of the most popular ones that are known to be affectionate. Getting a pet is a big decision and you want to make sure you have the space, time and patience to take care of another creature. Of course you also want to make sure you have the budget for it as well!