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23 Dog Breeds People No Longer Own

American Water Spaniel

Dogs make great friends, companions, and a great addition to the family dynamic. When you arrive home after work, a dog is quick to greet you and offer happiness and joy; something that is highly characteristic of many dog breeds. When it comes to selecting a dog, it is important to know the kind of breed you want for the family. Your furry new friend can be a mix or a pure bred, depending on the dog’s parents. However, there are large number of dog breeds that people no longer own Listed below are 23 dog breeds that people no longer own with a little explanation as to why they are no longer popular. Due to a wide range of reasons described, these breeds are hard to find.

1. American Water Spaniel

One reason why people have strayed from owning this breed is because it tends to be a barking breed and the grooming is demanding. In addition to being a barker and having hair that requires grooming, the American water spaniel does not make a great apartment dog breed since it enjoys activity and needs to be exercised often (like many dogs).