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12 Things Humans Do That Annoy Dogs

Staring Into Dogs Eyes

Your household dog is your friend, companion, and protector. You come home to crucial part of your family every day and you are given unconditional love upon your return. With this close relationship you develop with your dog, it is only natural that the dog becomes “annoyed” with some human antics you present day-in and day-out. After all, you get annoyed with some of the things your close family and friends do, so it is not so far-fetched (pun intended) to think your dog gets annoyed with things you do. Listed below are 12 things you might do that annoy your dog on a regular basis.

1. Staring into the dog’s eyes

Dogs are very territorial and dominant creatures so when certain things come about, they see it differently than how humans do. To a human, staring can have multiple different meanings, but to your dog, it means one thing: you are challenging them. Sometimes it is hard not to stare at a dog; maybe you are gazing to look at its face or seeing his/her behavioral patterns. If you can avoid this; however, it is best to try and avoid staring for too long at a dog you do not know, especially staring into its eyes. This could rattle and stir the dog’s tempers to where rover is annoyed and disgusted with your challenge. Following this small tip can help to keep the peace and calm with you and your dog (or your neighbor’s dog, etc.) and will help increase your close relationship with each other.