17 Intelligent dogs, small and large breeds [2022]

You need a real brainiac for a pet? A dog that learns faster and is always aware of its surroundings? Or do you need a pooch who is curious and always discovering the environment? You better be careful with what you wish for. Some of the largest and smartest dogs frequently out-wit their owners. They … Read more

12 Things Humans Do That Annoy Dogs

Your household dog is your friend, companion, and protector. You come home to crucial part of your family every day and you are given unconditional love upon your return. With this close relationship you develop with your dog, it is only natural that the dog becomes “annoyed” with some human antics you present day-in and … Read more

10 Craziest New Trends in Dog Grooming

Until recently, the most extreme examples of dog grooming were the topiary-like cuts given to Poodles. These cuts are said to have been started centuries ago to help the dog retrieve waterfowl from lakes and rivers–the heavier hair on the chest would protect against the cold water while the back legs would be afforded more … Read more

The 9 Most Popular Dogs on Instagram

You’ve probably seen a number of small, adorable dogs as they illuminate the social networks. On any given day you can usually see a handful of dozen or so pups via pictures of videos doing all sorts of things. All these cuties have affectionate owners that have mesmerized our minds by articulating themselves and the … Read more

9 Life Lessons Learned From Dogs

While we spend our time teaching our dogs new tricks, we often forget how much our dog is actually teaching us. Whether they are showing us new ways to enjoy the small things in life or building up our confidence as owners, our dogs are some of the best teachers out there. This is especially … Read more

6 Odd Dog Behaviors Explained

Dogs are a lot like us in a number of ways, but they have very different urges, limited understanding, and tons of odd behavior that seems very foreign and at times disgusting. While you cannot completely resolve all of their odd behaviors, it would at least be nice to know the motives behind them. Here’s … Read more

8 Famous War Dogs

This post was written by Ashleigh-Dawn Watson Although it seems impossible to imagine, there have been a great deal of dogs who’ve been a part of war. Some of these dogs weren’t trained for military service at all but still exhibited strengths like courage, loyalty, and keen hearing and scent. The eight famous war dogs … Read more

11 Reasons Why a Dog is Your Best Friend

Have you ever wondered why dogs are considered man’s best friend? Dogs have been trained as house pets for thousands of years. In fact, the first use of a dog as a house pet dates back 11 thousand years ago in Western Europe. Over 56 million households include a pet dog as of 2012. Many … Read more