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10 Most Popular Dog Names

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There are so many fun trends that influence the top 10 most popular dog names and it’s hard to determine what the top 10 actually are. But, here are the top categories and some of the most popular names in each category to get to you started if you’re stuck on finding the perfect name for your furry friend. Remember, depending on the area you live, certain names will be more popular than others.

Here are 10 of the most popular dog names and then read on to find out why:

In LA or New York, where fashion is big, brand names will often become dog names. However, if you live in the mountains nature names or human names may be more popular. By and large, dog names that end in an ‘ee’ sound are the most popular and one syllable or two syllable names are the norm. People like simple names that are easy to pronounce and just as people wear clothes that make a statement about who they are they also choose dog names that reflect their lifestyle and preferences.