Choosing the Right Dog from the Latest 9 AKC Dog Breeds

Every year the American Kennel Club (AKC) monitors and maintains standards for purebred dogs. While they do not promote specific clubs or breeders, they categorize breeds in various categories and verify physical and behavioral parameters. They keep these standards, such as size and response to children and other dogs, so buyers possess important information when considering owning a breed. The following are the newest dog breeds recognized by the AKC.

1. Spanish Water Dog:

This type is a curly, medium sized dog mainly bred for herding. They originally worked with hunters, herders, and fishermen providing companionship and assistance. Their coats require regular brushing once or twice a month and they enjoy all activities surrounding the water. This faithful and hardworking dog is good with families, going out of their way to act as a guardian. They are affectionate and will accept strangers once introduced to them.

2. Cirneco dell’Etna:

This medium sized hunting dog with a sleek coat and pointed ears is shaded dark tan to chestnut and sometimes has white markings. The breed started in the Mediterranean region tracking down small mammals and working with farmers to maintain the safety of the land. With its keen hearing and sense of smell, combined with high intelligence, this breed requires stimulation, such as games, benefiting their tracking behavior. As a family pet, they will need a moderate amount of exercise like regular walks and play.

3. Bergamasco:

Fuzzy and friendly, the Bergamasco is a sheepdog with the traditional oversized coat. This breed is trim and athletic despite its deceptive coat. These dogs stay with livestock, protecting them from predators and keeping herds together. As with other herding dogs, the Bergamasco is very intelligent and loyal. Because of these characteristics, they work hard and seek to please their master. The upkeep for the Bergamasco, unlike dogs with thinner coats, means regular brushing and cleaning bits of detritus from their coats.

4. Boerboel:

This strong working dog was originally bred for working around a farm, including transporting items and protection of the property. The short, dense coat comes in a variety of shades from brindle to reddish brown to cream or tawny. These dogs are loyal to their family and remain calm even when confronted by an outsider. This does not mean they will not protect those under their care. They prefer a more laid back approach. Because of their strong wills, a first time owner might struggle getting the Boerboel to obey. With patience and some training, though, the Boerboel will become a fine pet.

5. Lagotto Romagnolo:

This breed is currently being evaluated by the AKC, who is monitoring this long standing breed for characteristics and temperament. They are a medium sized water dog originally bred to assist hunters and fishermen. Their curly coats shed water and they enjoy hard work, like retrieving water fowl. Their keen noses make them quite good for tracking down truffles. Because of this hunting and foraging instinct, combined with a love digging, owners like to place areas throughout the yard to allow them to explore, discover and uncover hidden items activating their natural behaviors.

6. Rat Terrier:

As their name suggests, this member of the terrier group was bred to run down small rodents, keeping home and farms free of vermin. This small to medium sized dog is built for speed and endurance. Their loyalty is unquestioned and they have a keen nose made for tracking game. Their coats are various shades of earth tones, creams, tans with some blues and apricots. Rat terriers can be easily trained. Once they know what is expected of them, they are eager to please and love snuggling close to any warm lap.


7. Portuguese Podengo Pequeno:

A small dog with a wiry or smooth coat and perky ears, the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno has been in existence for a while and was bred for hunting small game and bird. Their light colored coats possess few markings, making them fit in appearance. This hound is easy to train, but requires high activity because it’s bred to be a hunter designed to recover overnight and be ready for more. Portuguese Podengo Pequeno have a high chase instinct, meaning they should always remain in a fenced yard or on a leash.

8. Chinook:

This former sled dog with its thick tawny coat was bred with the double benefit of being strong and fast. It could pull freight via sled all day without missing step. These loyal dogs love to work, so a family should be ready to take some walks when considering a Chinook. The breed thrives in large packs enjoying children. Their friendly nature makes them poor guard dogs, but excellent companions involving outdoor activities like hiking and cross country skiing.

9. Berger Picard:

This breed is a medium sized working dog with a double coat and provides excellent companionship. Their fawn or gray coats with layers of hair require regular upkeep, including monthly brushing, but also allows them to be comfortable in chillier climates. Berger Picard was bred to watch over sheep and other livestock and this gives them a high level of endurance. Because they are used to managing a herd, they are observant watch dogs, but can enjoy spending time curled up by a fire. Berger Picard’s require strong training to overcome their stubborn streak, which means a more experience dog owner might be better suited to own this breed.There are dogs of all types, temperaments and activity levels for anyone considering a new family pet. Leaning on the AKC for pertinent information about dogs is always a great idea to learn and decide what type of breed you might like. People need to take into account their family, home size and the amount of time they can commit to caring for a new furry friend, as dogs do require a big commitment each and every day. Not every breed fits every person, but with just a little research, you can find the right dog for you and your family.