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Choosing the Right Dog from the Latest 9 AKC Dog Breeds

Berger Picard

9. Berger Picard:

This breed is a medium sized working dog with a double coat and provides excellent companionship. Their fawn or gray coats with layers of hair require regular upkeep, including monthly brushing, but also allows them to be comfortable in chillier climates. Berger Picard was bred to watch over sheep and other livestock and this gives them a high level of endurance. Because they are used to managing a herd, they are observant watch dogs, but can enjoy spending time curled up by a fire. Berger Picard’s require strong training to overcome their stubborn streak, which means a more experience dog owner might be better suited to own this breed.There are dogs of all types, temperaments and activity levels for anyone considering a new family pet. Leaning on the AKC for pertinent information about dogs is always a great idea to learn and decide what type of breed you might like. People need to take into account their family, home size and the amount of time they can commit to caring for a new furry friend, as dogs do require a big commitment each and every day. Not every breed fits every person, but with just a little research, you can find the right dog for you and your family.