17 Intelligent dogs, small and large breeds [2022]

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11 Cleaning Tricks Pet Owners Need to Know

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15 Talented Dog Breeds

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12 Things Humans Do That Annoy Dogs

Your household dog is your friend, companion, and protector. You come home to crucial part of your family every day and you are given unconditional love upon your return. With this close relationship you develop with your dog, it is only natural that the dog becomes “annoyed” with some human antics you present day-in and … Read more

23 Dog Breeds People No Longer Own

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10 Loving Dog Breeds

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10 Signs Your Dog Has Cancer

  Science has come a long way in both helping us prevent and treat cancer in dogs. While regular exercise and even healthy supplements as well as natural foods can help prevent cancer in your dog, so can a positive home environment. Dogs are sensitive creatures both emotional and physically, they can even be affected … Read more

10 Dogs That Are the Least Loyal

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11 Dog Breeds That Bite the Most

Every dog has the potential to become a biter–habitual or aggressive biting is a result of environment and training. Although, some dogs are more likely to become biters than others if not treated or trained properly. It would be easy to say that Pit Bulls are dangerous because they are powerful and are responsible for … Read more

10 Craziest New Trends in Dog Grooming

Until recently, the most extreme examples of dog grooming were the topiary-like cuts given to Poodles. These cuts are said to have been started centuries ago to help the dog retrieve waterfowl from lakes and rivers–the heavier hair on the chest would protect against the cold water while the back legs would be afforded more … Read more