9 Rarest Dog Breeds

Dogs are certainly some of the most loyal companions and millions of pet owners across the world are enjoying the fellowship of their lovable dogs each day. Owning a dog can be a very interesting adventures, as they can be full of surprises. They say that dogs really are our best friends and in many cases this is true. They’re lovable and loyal; both qualities we all cherish.

There are different types of dog breeds that you will come across in your life; some with unique traits while others with similar characteristics to the dog types that you already know. Dogs are treasured in the United States and other parts of the world, hence, almost everybody owns a dog for different reasons. In some areas, dogs are important since they are used for hunting and protecting the home.

Have you ever come across a dog with a split nose or six toes? These are examples of the rarest dog breeds that exist in the world and they are so exotic. Having a rare dog can be such a conversation starter since they look so different. Unique dogs are beautiful and come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. If you love dogs, the following is a list of 9 rarest dog breeds that exist. Perhaps you will find a breed that you love!

1. Fila Brasileiro

This dog is also called the Brazilian Mastiff. It is a dog from Brazil and it originated as a guard and hunting dog. The dog is widely known due to its great tracking ability and it is also very aggressive. This dog is honored by the people of Brazil and they even have a saying for this dog’s temperament and loyalty, as they say “as faithful as a Fila”. This type of dog has the following characteristics:

  • It is an excellent guardian
  • Very loyal and protective
  • Very wary of strangers

2. Norwegian Lundehund

This is a type of dog breed from Norway which is used to hunt the puffins including their eggs. The dogs are unique in their own way since they have six toes instead of four. This is of great advantage since it provides them with a better range of motion during hunting. They also have very flexible joints which makes hunting very simple.

3. New Guinea Singing Dog

This dog started as a wild animal which was then domesticated and now it is one of the most loved pets all over the world. This type of dog is from Guinea and it is very unique from any other dog you may have come across due to its vocals which makes it sound as if it is singing. The people of Guinea began domesticating this dog a long time ago and kept it for giving companion to children and for hunting purposes. In today’s world the singing dogs exist both as wild and captive breeds, hence, both sides of the genetics are preserved.

4. Stabyhoun

This is a dog breed from the Netherlands used as an all-around dog. The dog is used for several purposes which include the following:

  • Great for property protection
  • Used for catching vermin
  • Hunting dog
  • Used as water retrievers since they have the ability to withstand cold
  • Used as working, pointing and retrieving dogs

5. Mudi

This is another rare dog type from Hungary and many comment on the huge amount of fur it has. It is used for work, herding, and as a companion. This type of a dog is not so popular as compared to other Hungarian herding dog breeds, but many people love it for their work.

6. Czechoslovakian Wolf dog

This is a breed from Germany which was bred with the Carpathian wolves. The aim of this experiment was to come up with a great military working dog. The dogs are now in versatile breeds and can easily be domesticated since they learn to live and associate with families easily.

7. Lagotto Romagnolo

This is a rare Italian breed from Romagna which were initially bred as water retrievers and are also used for truffles hunting. This type of dog is a great companion and it is very easy to train and take care of.

8. Catalburun

This is a unique Turkish breed and has a nose which is split, as a result of severe inbreeding. These types of dogs have distinctive long ears. They are also common in other places outside Turkey and are normally very prized since they possess incredible hunting abilities.

9. Azawakh

This is an African breed which is slender and taller making them excellent hunters and runners. These type of dogs can run very fast; up to 40 miles per hour while hunting gazelles. Lovers for this type of dog take pride for the dog’s ruggedness and independent temperaments. The dog has a smooth body which is not hairy.

You may have come across some of these breeds and some of them may be new to you. There are so many other dog breeds that exist and the above discussed are the 9 rarest dog breeds. The dogs are of different colors, texture, and even height. Some are slender while others look bigger since some have quite a bit of thick fur. Having a unique dog with unique qualities and characteristics can be so amazing and can make for a great conversation starter. It has been said that there is nothing that can make a man happier than having a dog that they love. A dog gives one companionship and many people love them since they make good pets. They can also do wonders when trained since many of them are easy to train and take care of. Rare dogs are so cute and when you see one, you might be tempted to purchase it and take it home. Continue educating yourself on various dog breeds and have fun with the process of learning and then picking one out. Include the whole family and best of luck in your search!