11 Reasons Why a Dog is Your Best Friend

Have you ever wondered why dogs are considered man’s best friend? Dogs have been trained as house pets for thousands of years. In fact, the first use of a dog as a house pet dates back 11 thousand years ago in Western Europe. Over 56 million households include a pet dog as of 2012. Many people do not realize the perks to having such an amazing animal in their home. Here are a few reasons that dogs are the best friend you could ever have in the world.

11. Dogs don’t talk back

When you tell a dog to sit and lie down, they won’t tell you no and this is certainly one of the many perks to owning a dog. Reprimanding your dog is pretty hard when you have to yell at him/her but the fact that they don’t yell back at you or tell you you’re wrong makes it a little bit easier to let them know when you’re disappointed in them. Speaking of having to yell at your dog, let’s move on to number two.

10. Dogs don’t hold grudges

Dogs don’t have the ability hold grudges, they do not know the feeling of resentment that humans do. When they hear you yell, they become filled with guilt and feel bad, but they will not get angry or upset, stomp their feet, or stop being your friend. It’s nice to be able to offer criticism without repercussions.

9. Dogs don’t judge

No matter whether you match or not, whether your hair is fixed or even washed, your dog will always want to be right beside you. They don’t care whether you stink or not, they just want you to love them and they will always be following behind you, you’re biggest fan.

8. They are natural protectors

Even though you may not, your dog knows who to trust. When someone comes into your dog’s ‘pack’ that he doesn’t trust, he will be sure to let you know. His hair may stand up in his back or he may even hide until that person leaves. Dogs have the uncanny ability to sense an untrustworthy person.

7. They are loyal

Your dog will be with you through everything. You form a bond with your dog, and once your dog becomes a part of your ‘pack’ he will become the most loyal friend you will ever have. His loyalty will be relentless and no matter whether you move across the world, have a baby, or add a new member to the ‘pack’, your dog will remain loyal to you.

6. Dogs can help you stay healthy

Dogs are active, and they love to walk, run and play. Regular walking, running, Frisbee and fetch not only helps to keep your dog fit and healthy, but it can aid in your personal fitness as well. Dogs can help you to adopt a much more active lifestyle, no matter the breed.

5. Dogs are always happy to see you

It doesn’t make a difference whether you had a bad day at the office, or a long night of drinking, you’re dog will always be glad to see you. Your dog will be so overfilled with joy he may even run circles around your living room or whine and bark when you come in the door. How many of your friends or even family does that? Imagine your best ‘human’ friend giving you a big wet tongue across the face when they see you!

4. They are the most efficient vacuums

Have you ever noticed where your dog is when you’re cooking or eating? Usually waiting somewhere nearby for you to drop some small morsel of delicious ‘people food’. The moment you do, your dog is up, off the living room floor and running to the kitchen in seconds. They will always clean up the mess for you, just be sure that anything your dog eats is ok for them to have!

3. Dogs are fun

Your dog will always be up for a great time. Your dog will never come up with an excuse to not spend time with you. When you’re in the mood for a game of Frisbee, your dog will always be in the mood to play with you. You will never have to worry about having another boring Friday night!

2. Dogs emulate emotions

Dogs mimic human emotions, especially their master’s emotions. They know when you are sad and will often lay with their head down, looking up at you. When you are happy, they are happy. When you are stressed or angry, you can often see the same emotions reflecting in your dog’s behavior.

1. Dogs are Therapeutic

Dogs have been used as healing therapy dogs since the beginning of World War II. Many scientists have recorded on the therapeutic effect of animal companionship. Dogs can assist in everything from relieving stress to lowering blood pressure and even raising mood. In recent years, more therapy dogs are being used to help children overcome speech and emotional disorders.