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11 Reasons Why a Dog is Your Best Friend

Funny woman with dog in car

Have you ever wondered why dogs are considered man’s best friend? Dogs have been trained as house pets for thousands of years. In fact, the first use of a dog as a house pet dates back 11 thousand years ago in Western Europe. Over 56 million households include a pet dog as of 2012. Many people do not realize the perks to having such an amazing animal in their home. Here are a few reasons that dogs are the best friend you could ever have in the world.

11. Dogs don’t talk back

When you tell a dog to sit and lie down, they won’t tell you no and this is certainly one of the many perks to owning a dog. Reprimanding your dog is pretty hard when you have to yell at him/her but the fact that they don’t yell back at you or tell you you’re wrong makes it a little bit easier to let them know when you’re disappointed in them. Speaking of having to yell at your dog, let’s move on to number two.