9 Craziest Dog Breeds

You will see a lot of dogs in your life, but there are some crazy or weird breeds you may never come across. Some of these breeds have similar characteristics to dogs you are familiar with, while other appears odder. From trimmed mustaches to long mustaches to shaved legs, you might be downright shocked at times! In fact, at times you might think that Dog Shows are like the red-carpet for odd breeds.

However, some of these pets are well groomed to bring out their unique look, while others are simply natural. Regardless of their uniqueness, these pets are adorable. From the bare-naked Xoloitzcuintli to the corded Komondor, get to know the amazing breeds and one day you may be lucky enough to enjoy them in person.

1. Affenpinscher

The affenpinscher, also known as mustachioed devil, has a bold manner which makes him a darling to people who want a tiny dog with big dog qualities. An affenpinscher has a coarse coat with a wrap at the shoulders and neck, a beard, and Groucho Marx eyebrows. The little breed gained a lot of fans at the 2012 national dog show, where it made it to the Best in Show round for the 3rd year in a row.

2. Bedlington

Under his calm, lamblike appearance, the Bedlington has the heart of the king of the jungle. He is among the rare terrier breeds, with his crisp and very relaxed nature. They’re actually quite relaxed for a terrier. His exceptional hairstyle may appear simple, but it isn’t for starters. Regular bathing, as well as heavy conditioners, aren’t recommended as they can soften the rough coat.

3. Komondor

With her corded and coiled pure coat that covers the whole body, this herding breed resembles a mop head. Originating from Hungary, her coat assists her blend in with the flock and shields her from harsh weather and attacks from predators. She not only herds animals, but can protect them as well. The corded and coiled fur appears naturally and they should be fully developed by the time she is two years old.

4. Carolina Dog

This pet doesn’t look too odd, but what makes it unique lies in its DNA, as opposed to its physical qualities. As it turns out, this breed may be among the oldest canine species in the world, appearing in rock carvings and painting by early Americans. The breed also shares DNA with New Guinea Singing and Australian Dingo dogs.

5. Chinese Crested

This pup has a bad reputation as far as cuteness is concerned. They are sometimes considered as ugly and you cannot argue with the fact that six of the last ten World’s Ugliest Dog Contests were Chinese Crested. There are two breeds of this dog; one doesn’t have hair and other has hair. The amazing fact is that they can both be borne by the same mother (same litter). The breed with hair is called the Powderpuff. It is worth noting that these breeds are not even from China. Although no one knows where they originated from, many people beliefs that they came from Africa.

6. Xoloitzcuintli

The Xoloitzcuintli, pronounced as sho-lo-eets-quint-lee, is also known as Mexican hairless or simply Xolo and is a hairless dog that is quite primitive and was worshiped by the Aztecs. According to the legend, the god, Xolotl, made the breed from a sliver of the Bone of Life, which was used to create people. He gave the god to mankind, asking him to protect it with his life. In return, the dog would lead man via the world of death. The Xolos are loyal and mellow animals when they reach adulthood, but very noisy, chewy and even highly energetic before they mature.

7. Puli

The Puli is famous for its firm dreadlocks that make it appear like a mop, but the dreadlocks make it waterproof and stop it from shedding. Though no one knows its origin, there are signs that traditional Romans owned these dogs and there is evidence that this breed is over six thousand years old. They were found in Asia over two thousand years ago and were brought to Hungary one thousand years ago.
While its dreads grow naturally, you still need to groom it and keep its cord clean, neat and thin. Its cord can grow long enough to reach the ground or you can trim them. Puli is very active and intelligent, needing a lot of exercise and attention.

8. Neapolitan Mastiff

Harry Potter movie fanatics might recognize this breed. Although not as active as those in these movies, the dogs are very large, standing about two feet tall at the shoulder & weighs almost 150 pounds. Traditionally, the breed is thought to have fought alongside the Roman legions, as they used to wear blades spiked leather exploits so as to run beneath the bellies of foes horses and eviscerate them.

9. Tibetan Mastiff

This is a traditional breed and kind of domestic animal. Mastiff means a large dog – this is why it is added in its name. Tibetan mastiff is also referred to as Do-Khyi –guard dog – and it is used to guard flocks, herds, villages, tents, palaces, monasteries, etc. In villages and nomad camps, the dog is allowed to move freely during the night.

These are some of the most famous and odd dog breeds in the world today. However, this is not a comprehensive list, as there are many other unique dogs in the world.