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8 Famous War Dogs


Although it seems impossible to imagine, there have been a great deal of dogs who’ve been a part of war. Some of these dogs weren’t trained for military service at all but still exhibited strengths like courage, loyalty, and keen hearing and scent. The eight famous war dogs below mostly fell into their positions as part of military action, so the honors that they received were both prestigious and well-deserved. Here are eight dogs who endured battle and helped save many lives during their time in the service.

1. Nemo

Nemo was a loyal German Shepherd that served in the Vietnam War alongside his master. It happens that Nemo and his master were ambushed while in the Jungle, and hit pretty severely by a hail of gunfire. In fact, Nemo’s was one of the first legitimate cases of a dog being retired from the service and fully permitted to leave the battlefield to return to the US. This dedicated dog was hit in the face and lost his eye, but refused to abandon his master who had also been shot. The dog literally threw himself over his master and protected him while he called in an airstrike and was rendered unconscious. Upon being discovered, Nemo refused to get off of his master and had to be removed by a vet.