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5 Reasons To Buy Dog Insurance

Dogs' sickness and Ailments

For thousands of years, dogs have proved to be more than just a man’s best friend. They have loyally remained mans’ worthy ally by actively participating in sharing joy and offering consolations in times of emotional distress. Additionally, dogs have been known to offer top notch protection when one is either asleep or away from home. Yes, many households embrace a dog as a family member and love it abundantly.

For these reasons and many more, it’s only fair to say that a dog should be treated worthy of its title. Thus, the big question is, “What exactly is the best possible way of doing this?” There are numerous options available. These include scrutinizing its food by picking the healthiest choices, ensuring that it’s well groomed, securing for it plenty of toys, and scouring pet shops for the right bed and beddings.

Yet, according to a latest survey, it’s shocking that only a small number of dog owners’ care about dog insurance policy. It’s still an unresolved puzzle as to why thousands of dog owners are madly in love with their pets, yet fail to welcome the concept of dog insurance, as dog insurance comes with a wide range of benefits.

Discussed below are 5 reasons every dog owner ought to consider buying dog insurance.

1. Dogs’ sickness and ailments

Just like humans and other animals, dogs get sick at one time or another. Common symptoms like weight loss, lack of appetite, fever, diarrhea, vomiting, and constipation are always assumed to be as a result of minor ailments. Since dogs can’t communicate and explain the extent of pain or how they feel, these common symptoms can as be as a result of something more serious. Dogs also develop chronic ailments like diabetic, heart disease, liver and gall bladder disease, organ failure (heart, liver, kidney), disease of the pancreas, fever or inflammation, paralysis of the esophagus, disorder of the central nervous system, tumor of the intestine, and neurological disorders. The list is actually quite long. These chronic ailments not only cost a fortune in terms of tests, surgeries, medication, and regular veterinary doctor’s visits, but also cause immeasurable emotional distress.

Dog insurance offers a medical coverage which ensures that the dog gets the best medical attention available for an affordable cost. The insurance covers a percentage of the costs associated with treatment and to some extent surgeries. This, in turn, gives the dog owner some piece of mind and helps relieve emotional pain as the dog is medically taken care of.