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8 Dogs With the Most Energy

Parson Jack Russell Terrier

Anyone familiar with dogs will know that there are some dogs you can barely move off the couch, some who are happy with a daily walk, and others who seem to have boundless energy and want to go, go, go. Partnering with one of these energetic breeds will almost guarantee that your life will become much more interesting and exciting.

Dog breeds all developed over the centuries for specific purposes, with the result that some breeds not only want, but need, a high level of exercise to maintain them. Dogs with high energy levels will neither be happy, nor make you happy, if they are not provided with a way to burn off some of that canine electricity.

Dogs Who Don’t Know the Meaning of Rest

People have long relied upon the speed, energy, and strength of dogs to make life easier – herding and hunting is much simpler when dogs are helping. The fast reflexes of certain breeds of dog, those with the most energy, still provide assistance to their human friends in a number of ways. Some of the dogs with the highest energy levels can be found below, and can help you make the right choice when you’re looking for a new family member.

Parson Jack Russell Terriers

Parson Jack Russell Terriers are a very popular breed of dog, originally bred to hunt vermin and small game. The energy level of these dogs is very high, and those who welcome one into the home must be prepared to give them plenty of opportunity to release it daily. Adorable as puppies, JRs are not the lap dog many people think them to be and are best in active homes or on farms.