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10 Dogs That Are the Least Loyal


Yes dogs are man’s best friend but some friends want their space. These breeds are known to be less attached to their owners due to their breeding and use historically. Some of these breeds are known to be more aggressive towards animals and some are just stubborn or independent like cats. You’ll be interested to know that personalities run deep in dog breeds and of course can be influenced by the owner’s training, attitude and the environment they are raised in. Here are some breeds that are known to be more independent than cuddly and if that’s more what you’re looking for, one of these might be a great addition to your family.


This hunting dog looks very similar to the beagle and is often confused for one. They are hunting dogs and can be quite stubborn. They will alert you to strangers but they don’t make the best guard dogs when you’re not around. They are just too stinking friendly. Most hunting dogs tend to be very independent and this is why the harrier has made it onto the least loyal dog breed list.