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9 Things You Need to Buy When Getting a Puppy


9. Crate

A dog crate will come in handy because it will help your puppy when it comes to potty training. Much of the time a puppy won’t do his business in the crate, so it’s easier to put him in there for short periods of time and then as soon as you let him out, take him outside to go potty. The crate can also be used when carrying the puppy to the car, while you’re at work, and while you sleep at night. Never leave a puppy in there for extended periods of time. Puppies need to be able to run and play and feeling locked up all the time will make them feel sad.

Enjoy the process of choosing out your new puppy and keep these tips in mind before bringing him home. When you’re prepared for you puppy, the transition will simply go smoother and you’ll have less stress to contend with. Enjoy your puppy and new best friend!