8 Amazing Tricks People Have Taught Their Dogs

Dogs are extremely intelligent and depending on the amount of training, they can do some mind boggling things. Ultimately it’s up to us and our consistency when it comes to training. Dogs love to have a purpose and they love when you train them. It is both challenging and rewarding to interact with your dog in order to train them. Because we must learn how they think, it helps us think in different ways and teaches us patience in the process. Dog training technology has evolved and you might be surprised at what is available on the market now to help you. The internet has also revolutionized the sharing of information and people can learn how to teach their dog fun tricks much easier. Here are 8 amazing tricks that people have taught their dogs that might inspire you to enroll your dog in a training class.

1. Turn The Lights On or Off

Yes that’s right, a dog can be trained to hit the light switch. Mobility assistance dogs, also known as service dogs or disability dogs can help wheelchair bound individuals who have trouble with basic activities. These incredible dogs help make many people’s lives much easier. Certain tasks such as pulling a wheelchair are illegal in certain countries. It seems there is no extent a dog won’t go to help a human. Usually clickers, vocal commands and treats are used for training dogs but an assistance dog usually lives with a trainer for a few years learning all of these things until they are ready to be placed with an individual. This unique training enables people to have a highly trained helper even though they themselves may not be capable of training them. Training a service dog requires dedication and is not an easy task.

2. Help With Laundry

Some videos of dogs doing their owners laundry have gone viral on the internet. This phenomenon is no big deal in a day in the life of a household helper. Imagine how much time this might be able to save you! Although dogs are colorblind and may not be able to separate colors, they are quite intelligent to be able to do these tasks. If you haven’t trained your dog to do any obscure tasks, this is a good one to work on in case you ever do need the help.

3. Opening Doors

Many dogs are trained to both open and close doors. This can be helpful for wheelchair bound individuals and it can be a pain for people who end up chasing their dog that has escaped down the road. This is usually taught by tying a rope around the handle that the can grab with their mouth. The rope is also used to show which doors he should or should not open. Dogs can even be taught to open the refrigerator and grab you a tasty beverage. It’s advised that you not have them grab metal cans because their teeth can puncture them. Having your dog grab you a beer has to be the ultimate party trick!

4. Dialing 911

Usually the speed dial is set to 911 but there are countless stories of service dogs actually moving the receiver and hitting the button to call 911 when their owner is under duress. Certain breeds make excellent guard dogs that can protect you and other breeds are able to detect when their owner is sick and in need of care. Dogs have even been used to detect early illness as well as cancer. Dogs are extremely sensitive and know their owners much better than we think. It’s important to realize that our stress can affect our dogs and try to maintain a positive attitude not only for ourselves but for them as well.

5. Surfing

That’s right. There are a few famous surfing dogs and it’s pretty common in places like Huntington Beach, California which has a designated ‘dog beach.’ Usually this sport is reserved for larger breeds because of the danger aspect of the waves. If you are going to attempt to get your dog to surf, it should never be on big waves. You should also make sure your dog is a very strong swimmer.

6. Flushing Toilets

This silly trick can really come in handy for people who can’t let their dog out during the day due to work. It seems impossible but it’s taught in stages and very doable. When your dog associates a certain command with going to the bathroom you can litter train them. Once they know how to use a litter box you can graduate to the toilet.

7. Help You Get Dressed

Dogs are not only loyal and loving, they can help you with your daily needs. Many service dogs are trained to grab your clothes to help you get them on or off. If that isn’t the ultimate expression of service, we are not sure what is. Dogs can be trusted to consistently help their owners their entire lives. Now if only the same could be said for humans. The service dogs provide is selfless and caring, there is so much to be learned from them.

8. Bomb Sniffing

Detection dogs are used by the military and police to find and trace humans and objects. They sniff out bombs and narcotics which is something humans cannot do. This is truly one of the most remarkable things dogs are trained to do since they are not actually repeating something humans can do. You can actually teach your dog to find things and people too.

Dogs love to protect you and help you which is why they should never be hit. Hitting a dog can cause long-term psychological issues. The amazing tricks mentioned above required positive reinforcement with treats. This is a great reminder of the amazing things that can be accomplished with positive energy in our lives. It’s best to start training your dog at an early age. Dogs need to be socialized and trained so they do not bite people. All dogs owners should study how to train their dog for their safety and for the well being of their dog.