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8 Amazing Tricks People Have Taught Their Dogs

turn on lights

Dogs are extremely intelligent and depending on the amount of training, they can do some mind boggling things. Ultimately it’s up to us and our consistency when it comes to training. Dogs love to have a purpose and they love when you train them. It is both challenging and rewarding to interact with your dog in order to train them. Because we must learn how they think, it helps us think in different ways and teaches us patience in the process. Dog training technology has evolved and you might be surprised at what is available on the market now to help you. The internet has also revolutionized the sharing of information and people can learn how to teach their dog fun tricks much easier. Here are 8 amazing tricks that people have taught their dogs that might inspire you to enroll your dog in a training class.

1. Turn The Lights On or Off

Yes that’s right, a dog can be trained to hit the light switch. Mobility assistance dogs, also known as service dogs or disability dogs can help wheelchair bound individuals who have trouble with basic activities. These incredible dogs help make many people’s lives much easier. Certain tasks such as pulling a wheelchair are illegal in certain countries. It seems there is no extent a dog won’t go to help a human. Usually clickers, vocal commands and treats are used for training dogs but an assistance dog usually lives with a trainer for a few years learning all of these things until they are ready to be placed with an individual. This unique training enables people to have a highly trained helper even though they themselves may not be capable of training them. Training a service dog requires dedication and is not an easy task.