8 Fun Ways to Dress Up Your Dog

Models are not the only ones walking down the runway. While dogs and fashion typically do not go hand-in-hand, the emerging popularity of clothing made just for dogs has given every pooch a chance to strut their stuff. From funky hats to sparkling evening wear, today, dogs can put their best paw forward when it comes to clothing and accessories.

1.Evening wear

A night on the town requires more than just a bit of fur. If you and your dog are heading out to a special event, don’t forget to get your pal in on the action by dressing them up in their own version of formal wear. Try a sparkly evening dress for the lady dog in your life and male dogs with jackets and ties can complete an evening. In addition, coats and tails are not just for humans as brides and grooms are beginning to pick their favorite dog for the task of their ring bearer or flower girl.

2.Coats and jackets

While most dogs can handle a bit of inclement weather, every dog owner should have cold and wet weather gear handy. However, dog gear doesn’t just have to be about utility. Add a bit of sunshine to your dog’s dreary day with a jacket in a bright, singular color (such as a popular yellow or red) or select a puffy winter coat in a funky pattern. It will be sure to put a smile on others faces as they pass your pet by on your morning walk.

3.Boots and shoes

Just like a jacket and coat, boots are a must when the weather is bad. Not only do they keep your dog from the elements, they also protect delicate paws from dangerous litter and salt. It may take some time for your pup to get used to the weight and the oddness of having a paw covered, but it certainly serves both a stylish and necessary function. Once the dog gets used to a boot, try adding on made-for-dog shoes. From cowboy boots to bunny slippers, your dog’s shoe closet may fill up faster than your own.

4.Costume wear

Mid-January is devoted to celebrating “Dress Up Your Pet Day,” and all over the world, loving dog owners get into the action by putting their dog in a festive costume. Some of the most popular costumes include the duo pair of angel and devil, the ironic hot dog, and the real-life Chia pet. While there may be just one day to celebrate in costume, dogs shouldn’t be left behind come Halloween either. Choose a spooky costume such as a ghost, witch, or skeleton while you and your pet hit the streets for some trick-or-treating.

5.Scarves and jewelry

Used to wearing collars around their necks, dogs are pretty tolerable to shortened scarves. A simple DIY project either using fabric scraps or a knitting pattern, scarves are a simple, everyday way to add a bit of color to your pet’s wardrobe. If your pet would prefer some bling, pick a collar that resembles jewelry instead. Rhinestones, crystals, pearls, and gold, the options are almost endless in ways to make sure your pet stands out.


With ways to dress up the bottom of a dog, one shouldn’t neglect the very top by selecting a hat or wig to complete the look. When the weather is cold, add a knitted or felt hat to the essential dog gear. But when a dog needs an extra touch, try a top hat to go with the coat and tails, a cowboy hat for adventures outside, or a festive holiday themed hat to celebrate. Whatever your selection, be sure to find one that doesn’t constrict the ears as dogs tend to get nervous when they are constricted.

7.Team spirit

What does your pet and your favorite sportsman have in common? Both are superb athletes! While your dog would most likely rather be chasing a ball than watching others do it, it doesn’t mean that the dog cannot get into the sporting spirit. Most major league teams now sell dog jerseys in team colors that are perfect fits. You can also create your own using small sized team t-shirts and jerseys and expanding the arms to find your dog’s shoulders.


If your pet is all about the pampering, don’t leave them behind as you hit the spa. Instead, find one that offers pet-icures or dog-icures. Just like their human, they can leave with pampered and colorful paws. Before using a salon, be sure that the stylist is trained in basic dog grooming and has experiencing cutting dog nails. Also, check that the polish they use is dog appropriate as some chemicals in the human brand can be dangerous if ingested.

Unfashionable pets are quickly becoming a thing of the past as owners are becoming more creative with how they dress up their pets. Whether you select clothing or costumes that reflects your pet’s unique personality or utilize dog clothing appropriate for the occasion, dogs will soon be requesting their half of the closet as wardrobes made for pets expands.