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9 Things You Need To Know About Dobermans


One of the most elegant-looking, but perhaps one of the more challenging of dog breeds, the Doberman Pinscher can make the ideal pet for the right person and circumstances. Over thousands of years, dog breeds have evolved to possess certain qualities – some dogs are strictly companions, some are hunting dogs, and some are very good at guarding and protection. The Doberman falls into the last category.

The Doberman, or Dobe or Dobie, is a ‘young’ breed of dog, having been developed in the middle of the 19th Century by tax collector Karl Louis Dobermann. Travel at that time was restricted to going on foot or going on horseback, and some of the areas Dobermann went through as he collected money were subject to attack by highwaymen. Dobermann needed a strong, alert, and obedient guard dog to protect him, and set about developing a new breed of dog. By combining various shepherding dogs with a dash of Greyhound, Terrier, and Rottweiler, he ended up with the dog we know today as the Doberman.

Dobermans are medium-large, muscular dogs with very fast reflexes. They are also highly trainable, which has proven important in their work with the military, police, and in home protection. Dobes are also used as search and rescue dogs thanks to their finely honed senses.

Do Your Homework Before Getting A Doberman
Getting any breed of dog requires a commitment. Hopefully, you and the dog will be able to spend years together as a team. Dobermans are great dogs, and are easy to train, but they are also dogs that may present some difficulties if not with the right owner. If you are considering adding a Doberman to your home, be sure that you and the dog, and your household, are a good fit. Dobermans probably are not a good dog for first-time dog owners.

1. Dobermans do make excellent guard dogs

They are alert, fast, and agile. Since Dobermans do bond strongly with their owners, they will have no problem providing defense to the home. Dobermans don’t have to be taught how to defend and guard, it’s instinctive with them.