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8 Sleepiest Dog Breeds

sleeping mastiff

Cat naps are not just for felines. Even the most energetic of dogs needs and deserves a couple of naps and a long, rejuvenating sleep each and every day. Some breeds may follow their humans’ leads by only requiring a standard seven to eight hours. However, for others, no day is complete without a ten or more hours of beauty rest.


Weighing in at 120 to 225lbs, mastiffs of all types are known as the sleeping giants of the dog world. It’s truly not easy being the big dog on the block as the sheer size and weight of the dog’s body requires mastiffs to clock in around 16 or more hours of sleep. While it may be tempting to let a mastiff share your bed so that you can ensure they get proper amounts of sleep, mastiff owners agree that the dogs also tend to not sleep as soundly and require their own space so that they can stretch out, toss and turn, and drool all evening long.