8 Fun Ways to Dress Up Your Dog

Models are not the only ones walking down the runway. While dogs and fashion typically do not go hand-in-hand, the emerging popularity of clothing made just for dogs has given every pooch a chance to strut their stuff. From funky hats to sparkling evening wear, today, dogs can put their best paw forward when it … Read more

Top 8 “No’s” for New Puppy Owners

If you have recently decided to add a new furry friend to your family, you must know that taking care of a new puppy is not an easy endeavor. Puppies oftentimes have a mind of their own and do not yet know right from wrong. They must be treated as a baby and you, as … Read more

11 Things You Should Never Feed Your Dog

Lucey Knight Dogs love to eat just about anything, especially people food. They just look up at you with those longing eyes that seem to cry out “I’m starving, please feed me”. You know that look that you find so hard to resist just tossing over some scraps. What could it hurt, right? Well, when … Read more

9 Things You Should Never Feed Your Dog

As pet owners, we always want to do right by our dogs by providing them with nutritious and healthy foods. However, we may also be tempted to give them a snack or treat that can do more harm than good. Unfortunately, while accidents happen, many instances of poisoning or digestive issues results in dog owners … Read more

11 Easiest Dogs to Raise

Raising children is difficult, to say the least, and everyone will agree that the challenge of bringing up a child in this world is one of the hardest and rewarding times in one’s life. However, for others, dogs are their children, and the love and affection they show for their pets is comparable to having … Read more